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Design and build of a proper Wi-Fi system requires a detailed site survey to identify the following.

The survey is performed through

  • Interviews with the users
  • Physical inspection of the location
  • Heat mapping with Wi-Fi software such as Air Magnet Survey Pro

What we need to learn

  • What are the objectives of the system?
    • How many users?
    • What is the density of the users?
    • What kinds of applications are being used/implemented and how much bandwidth will they require?
  • Where will the system be installed?
    • What kind of structured cable system is installed?
    • What kind of ceiling structure is it?  Dropped ceiling?  Drywall?  Access Panels?
    • Are there adequate, secure IDFs and MDFs to install the equipment such as switches, patch panels, and controllers?
  • What kind of security is required?
    • Authentication with a RADIUS server or Active Directory?
    • Other types of authentication
    • Physical security
  • Other applications
    • RFID
    • Guest Wi-Fi
    • Inventory management
    • Tracking
  • Signal attenuation from building structures
    • Significant metal structures can reduce the Wi-Fi signal propagation
    • Interference from other Wi-Fi networks can cause a high Signal To Noise Ratio

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