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Each person has the right to be safe and the responsibility to act safely.  By working safely, it is possible to prevent all injuries and accidents at a job site.

All employers are subject to Occupational Health & Safety, regardless of size or industry.  As an employer, you are responsible for providing a safe workplace for all of your employees.  As industry standards and hazards change, your safety program must adapt.

A good safety program includes

  • Identification of hazards in the workplace
    • Regular review to reduce or eliminate hazards that are detected
    • Proper safety procedures and PPE to avoid harm from hazards
  • A pre-job inspection report (Field Level Risk Assessment) or “tool box talk” where employees can understand the hazards in the job site each day
  • Access to proper Personal Protective Equipment (fall arrest equipment, steel toed boots, goggles, reflective vest, gloves, etc.)
  • Procedures for ensuring that workers who are working alone are safe
  • Providing medical attention to injured workers
  • An escalation process for when safety procedures are not followed
  • A process for reporting near misses and incidents so that future accidents can be prevented
  • Regular review of the safety program

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