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ehZee’s names comes from the Canadian “eh” and the American “Zee”.  It represents part our diversity.  If we could include letters from every alphabet, we would.  Diverse views are important to our success and your success.  In addition, it also represents our service offering from “a” to “z”.  We don’t take no for an answer, and if you have a problem, then we have a solution.

Meet Our Team

ehZee has many talented professionals, with combined decades of experience in Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems, Business, and Information Technology.

Hazim Gaber, PMP, PgMP
Hazim Gaber, PMP, PgMPChief Executive Officer
Hazim’s experience in business program management and information technology leads ehZee Engineering. Hazim’s unparalleled experience in delivering hundreds of successful projects and programs to many of the Fortune 500 companies and small businesses makes him ideal for heading ehZee. Hazim is also a serial entrepreneur, and published author of seven books and training courses.
Soheipp Gaber, PMP
Soheipp Gaber, PMPChief Operating Officer
Soheipp serves as the Chief Operating Officer of ehZee Engineering. Soheipp brings substantial hands-on experience from the field – plumbing, mechanical systems, and electrical – to the table. He understands how projects will happen in the real world, not just on paper, and he is an experienced and respected manager.
Dr. Magdy Istafanous, Ph.D.
Dr. Magdy Istafanous, Ph.D.Director of Engineering
Dr. Istafanous brings over 35 years of mechanical systems experience to ehZee Engineering. He has delivered thousands of successful projects for industrial and government clients. Dr. Istafanous mentors and trains the junior members of ehZee, and ensures that they deliver exceptional work that is compliant with all applicable standards.

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